Sports Reporter Erin Andrews Reveals Secret Cancer Battle: 'I'm Not Missing the Super Bowl'

The reporter and 'Dancing With the Stars' co-host received the horrible diagnosis in September.

Dancing with the Stars' co-host Erin Andrews has revealed that she is fighting a secret battle with cervical cancer.

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As she stood on the sidelines of an NFL game last September reporting for Fox, her fans never suspected she had been diagnosed just the day before. Even her colleagues were in the dark.

Andrews told Sports Illustrated that after working the game, she rushed to Los Angeles.

On Dancing with the Stars, co-host Tom Bergeron made the announcement that she would not be on the show that night or the next day without further explanation.

Two weeks later, she underwent surgery, telling her oncologist: "I’m not watching any football games at home. This is [Fox's] Super Bowl year, and I’m not missing the Super Bowl."

She was back on the sidelines reporting during the Packers/Cowboys game on October 16.

"Should I have been standing for a full game five days after surgery? Let's just say the doctor didn't recommend that,” she told Sports Illustrated.

When you hear the word cancer, you fear the worst," her father told the magazine. "When it’s your child, you think to yourself, you think to God, 'Take me, not her. She has been through enough. She is just getting her life back.'"

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Surgical Oncologist Kristi Funk, who treated Angelina Jolie for breast cancer, spoke to Inside Edition.

"It is fairly easy to detect cervical cancer, what we want is prevention and all you need is a pap smear starting at age 21 every three years," Dr. Funk told Inside Edition. 

Andrews says she underwent another procedure on November 1. On November 17, doctors told her the surgery had gotten all the cancer and she wouldn’t need radiation or chemotherapy.

Dr. Funk added: "Having only surgery is excellent news which means that it is very early stage, very curable cervical cancer. Even better news is that future child-bearing is still possible."

The last few years have been tumultuous for the sports reporter. Last year, she settled a $55 million lawsuit after a business executive videotaped her through a peephole at her Nashville hotel in September 2008.

She told Sports Illustrated: "After the trial everyone kept telling me, 'You're so strong.' Finally I got to the point where I believed it too. 'Hey, I have cancer, but dammit, I am strong, and I can do this.'"

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