Hold Your Horses! Equine Lifted to Safety After Being Spooked by Passing Car and Falling Into Ditch

Castigo, the 15-year-old horse, did not suffer any injuries following the hour-long rescue.

It was a daring rescue for fire officials as a horse fell into a ditch after the animal was spooked by a passing car.

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Castigo, a 15-year-old horse, and his rider, known only as Bienvenido, were trotting along a road in rural Miami Tuesday morning when a car sped by and spooked the horse, WSVN reported.

The horse consequently fell into a ditch on the side of the road.

Although Bienvenido was able to climb off the horse and onto solid land, Castigo appeared to be stuck. His head barely peeked out from above the deep ditch, and was covered by vegetation.

The rider called 911, and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to the scene.

"Our veterinarian is on call, and he actually arrived before any of the operations units did,” a firefighter told WSVN. "So he was able to assess the scene, and then the first crews started to arrive, so they could assist him with that."

They first blindfolded Castigo, in an effort to keep the horse calm.

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Using equipment they had in their truck, the rescue team was able to shimmy straps underneath the horse, and used a pulley system to lift Castigo out of the ditch.

Just more than an hour later, Castigo was back on sturdy ground. The rescue team said the horse was not injured, and Bienvenido was able to escort him home with the help of another horse.

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