Neglected Girl, 9, Hadn't Showered in a Week, Was Only Fed SpaghettiOs: Cops

Julie Beers' daughter has been placed in protective custody.

A Florida mother was in court Monday on charges she neglected to properly care for her daughter, who cops say hadn't showered in days or eaten properly when they encountered her Monday.

According to a police report out of Broward County, a man called 911 to report a suspicious U-Haul van parked in front of a church in Deerfield Beach. 

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"Inside that van there was a rabbit running around and the windows of the van had been closed the whole time," the report said.

When police arrived, they say they found a mother and her 9-year-old daughter parked alongside the van.

"The van had human feces inside of it. The child looked dirty and appeared as if she had not showered in several days," police said. "The child’s fingernails on her hands and feet were covered in dirt."

Cops say the girl told them she hadn't showered in more than a week and that she'd "only had a can of SpaghettiOs to eat today. She also said that she has missed school in the past few days."

The girl's mother, Julie Beers, was arrested at the scene. She has since been charged with child neglect and with abandonment of an animal.

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Beers reportedly told police she'd been laid off from her job and that she and the girl were heading to Arizona.

The girl was placed in protective custody.

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