Friends Take Selfies While Trapped in Car After an Avalanche

Thankfully they were rescued nearly an hour later.

These two friends made light of a dark situation.

When David Ortiz was driving home on highway 89 near Lake Tahoe with his friend Neale early Monday morning, an avalanche buried their truck under mounds of snow.

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“All of a sudden there was a huge gust of wind and there was a white out. I tried to slow down while I couldn’t see." Ortiz told "Once the whiteout cleared there was no road in front of me. So I slammed on the brakes and the snow and went 5 mph. And then more snow from the avalanche came down and buried the car."

Ortiz said he was afraid once he realized the circumstance they were in.

"At that point, I was terrified. Neale snapped me back to reality and told me to turn the car off. Then I called 911 and was pretty panicked, Ortiz said.

The pair immediately called authorities. After being assured police were on their way, the two friends took selfies and videos to help pass the time.

“Once I knew people were coming for us. I was able to calm down. We figured the safest place to be was in the car so we were just keeping warm and trying to keep our spirits up,” Ortiz said.

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Thankfully, authorities found the pair about 45 minutes later after police told them to honk their horn so they could locate them.

Firefighters hiked up the hill of snow and used probes to check for the pair, the district said. 

It took firefighters 30 minutes to rescue the two motorists once they found them, according to reports.

The snow was three feet deep on the roof of their vehicle, according to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

“I think we were incredibly lucky. If any of the factors had gone wrong... Somehow the windows on my car didn’t break and we didn’t flip over... There could have been a different outcome.”

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