Parents Introduce Twins Born With Completely Different Skin Tones: 'These Are My Miracle Babies'

Kalani and Jarani certainly don't look like twins.

As this Illinois couple welcomed their twins into the world in April, they were flabbergasted to find their new babies looked remarkably different — and were even of different races.

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Kalani has light skin and blue eyes and her twin sister, Jarani, has brown skin and brown eyes.

Her mother, Whitney Meyer, told Inside Edition: “It is a miracle. They are miracle babies.”

The babies were born in April to Whitney and her boyfriend, Thomas Dean.

The mother is white and the father is black. They live together in Quincy and were shocked to see what the girls looked like when they arrived.

"Jarani had a little tan to her. But when Kalani came out, I did ask the nurses if she was albino because she was so white, lighter than her sister," she said. "The doctors were thinking that she would probably get some color later on but she never has."

Dean told Inside Edition he believed his daughters would look similar to him.

"When Kalani came out, she didn't look like me," he said.

Dean also claimed that the doctor never told them the children could arrive in different skin tones. 

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Whitney says while she was pregnant with the girls, she saw a story about the world famous British twins, Lucy and Maria Aylmer. One of the English twins is white and the other is black.

“I was like, it would never happen to me," Meyer said, laughing. "And look what happened to me." 

"We don’t see color. Love is love."

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