Marriage Counselor Admits She Lied On Oprah

After appearing on Oprah multiple times as a relationship expert, Sharyn Wolf admits she lied to the talk show guru about her own personal details. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Psychotherapist and marriage counselor Sharyn Wolf talked to Oprah about her happy marriage.

The thing is, she wasn't being completely truthful. She now reveals her own marriage was a mess and she's just written a book about living a lie.

In an article published today on the Huffington Post under the heading, "Do As I Say, Not As I Do,"  Wolf writes that she and her husband don't sleep in the same bed, only had sex three times in 15 years, and rarely share a meal.

"It's only in my new book Love Shrinks that I talk for the first time about what's it was like to be that person that gives out relationship advice and still coming home night after night to a marriage that is really a total failure," Wolf said.

As a relationship expert, Wolf has appeared on more than 400 radio and television shows. She was actually on Oprah eight times and wrote five bestselling books.  

"Is it possible to stay lovers for life?" Oprah asked.

"It is possible. If you fall out of love with that guy, and you fall back in love with the same man," Wolf replied.

Wolf wrote the bestseller How to Stay Lovers for Life, but she says she tried every one of the tips in her book on her own husband and none of them worked.