Mom Who Disappeared With Her 2 Kids Is Found Safe, Left on Her Own 'Free Will'

They were found in an adjoining state.

The Virginia mother and her two children who disappeared after an alleged “blind date” and a fire at their home have all been found safe.

Police said Monica Lamping, and her two children, 7-year-old Kai and 9-month-old Oria, were reported missing on Sunday morning.

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Police have now reported that they left "on their own free will," and were found in an "adjoining state."

Lamping and her children were reportedly found in North Carolina, according to the family.

The 29-year-old mom and her children were last seen Saturday evening when she reportedly picked her kids up from a friend’s home, according to her family.

Family and friends began to worry after a fire broke out at 3 a.m. on Sunday at Lamping’s home and she and her children were nowhere to be found.

The fire was reportedly sparked by a space heater.

Family members told that Lamping had gone on a blind date with a man named "Chad", who she met at a gas station, and had not been seen since.

Authorities initially called the disappearance suspicious and were looking into who “Chad” might be.

Police did not immediately release any further details.

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Lamping’s father, David Bogart, told WTKR that they are thrilled to know his daughter and her children are OK.

"We want tell the community how happy we are and appreciate their thoughts and prayers over the last three days," Bogart said.

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