Great White Shark Photobombs 10-Year-Old Surfer: 'I Was Lucky I Didn't Fall Off'

"It ended well, and it was a good story for him to tell on the first day at school at 'Show and Tell,'" Eden Hasson's dad Chris joked.

This 10-year-old Australian surfer had no idea he wasn’t alone in the water until photos later showed a great white shark sharing the waves with him.  

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The heart-stopping image was captured Tuesday as Eden Hasson was surfing at Samurai Beach, located north of Sydney, as his dad Chris Hasson took pictures.

“I was on the rocks shooting,” Hasson said, according to APTN. “He had taken off on the wave, and just before he took off, I thought I saw a dark shape, but I just kept taking photos.”

When Eden came back to the beach, they scrolled through the photos, and noticed a shark had been twisting and turning in the waves he had just been riding.

“I was shocked, but I wasn’t too scared,” Eden said. “If I was on the wave and I saw it, I probably would have freaked out and fell off. I was lucky I didn’t fall off.”

Hasson said that as soon as they saw the images, he immediately yelled, “shark,” and called other boys in the water back to shore.

“As a concerned dad, you look at the image to start with, and you’re a bit worried,” Hasson said.

He said shark experts informed him that the sea predator appeared to be a baby great white, about 8 feet long, and added that its mouth appeared to be open. Hasson disagreed, saying it was probably just startled.

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"It ended well, and it was a good story for him to tell on the first day at school at 'show and tell,'" Hasson joked.

Eden was not harmed in the encounter.

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