Red Tibetan Mastiff Sells for $1.5 Million in China

A rare red Tibetan mastiff was just sold in China for the staggering price of $1.5 million. INSIDE EDITION has more about this million-dollar dog.

Would you pay $1.5 million for a dog? That's the jaw-dropping price tag for a red Tibetan mastiff that was just sold in China.

"The most unusual thing about a Tibetan mastiff is just their appearance, the fact that they're so massive, they have a huge coat," says dog trainer Andrea Arden.

The pricey pup was bought by a coal baron from China. He weighs 180 pounds and his name is Hong Dong, which translates to Big Splash.

"Tibetan mastiffs have become a status symbol in certain areas, and specifically in China," Arden explains.

And he'll make a big splash in the breeding world. It's estimated that his owner will be able to fetch $15,000 every time he breeds.