Suspects Served Customers at Gas Station After Killing Attendant: Cops

Detroit police are searching for two men they say robbed a gas station, killed an employee and then served customers before torching the building.

Police in Detroit are searching for two men they say robbed a service station, killed the cashier and then served customers as the victim's body was stashed beneath the counter.

The Detroit Police Department said the suspects torched the building January 10 after stealing money and goods from inside.

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The victim was found dead inside the burned building. The duo was captured on surveillance video, rummaging through the register and taking items from the location.

Police said the suspects appeared to find it funny as customers came in unaware they were being served by killers as the attendant's lifeless body was stashed out of view.

"It appears that... there was some type of smirk, some type of joke," Detroit police Cmdr. Marlon Wilson said. "There was joking around after the victim was shot. Those two individuals were very brazen. Very violent. So we need to do everything we can to get them off the streets."

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The suspects have not been identified but are considered armed and dangerous, police said.

If anyone recognizes these suspects, knows of their whereabouts or has information pertaining to this crime, they are asked to call Detroit Police Homicide Detectives at (313) 596-2260.

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