Controversy Over Kennedy Documentary

A new documentary being made on President Kennedy has sparked a storm of controversy. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

A new mini-series about President Kennedy is stirring a storm of controversy before even a single frame has been shot. Critics have launched a full scale attack on the movie being made for the History Channel.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked documentary filmmaker Robert Greenwald, "Don't you think it's premature to form an opinion before any footage has even been shot?"

"No, actually it's the opposite. We're doing the History Channel a favor," said Greenwald.

The liberal documentary filmmaker says the mini series, called The Kennedys, contains totally made up scenes calculated to hurt President Kennedy's reputation.

"They have scene after scene of sex. I mean, I don't even know how he had time to be president," said Greenwald.

Greenwald has posted a 13-minute denunciation of the mini-series on his website, He even shot scenes using dialogue from the screenplay. One shows the President telling his brother Bobby Kennedy he gets ill if he doesn't have enough sex. In another scene, the President is approached by a secret service agent while having sex in a pool with a young woman who is not First Lady Jackie Kennedy

The mini-series is the brain child of Joel Surnow, an outspoken political conservative and creator of the hit TV series 24.

"I think this is a politically motivated character assassination attack of the worst kind," said Greenwald.

A spokesman for History Channel tells INSIDE EDITION "the mini-series will be historically accurate and based on the work of noted scholars. Anyone claiming otherwise is basing their claim on false information."

The controversy recalls a similar outcry over 2003 mini-series about President Reagan. After conservatives criticized the project, CBS decided it was more suitable to air on the cable network Showtime.

Among those against the History Channel film are Ted Sorenson, President Kennedy's former adviser who has seen the script and says every conversation in which the film says he participated, never happened.