Mr. Clean Gets Dirty: Mascot Seduces, Dances Provocatively in New Ad

The new commercial is raising eyebrows across the country.

There's nothing more alluring than a man who tidies up the house, but Mr. Clean is taking it to a whole new level, emerging as a sexy fantasy in a new ad.

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Mr. Clean's new attitude is getting a lot of attention in the Super Bowl ad, gyrating with a mop and seducing a woman as the beloved animated character washes floors, windows and mirrors.

So far, the reaction to the commercial is mixed.

USA Today says it "dazzles” while US Weekly calls it “really uncomfortable.”

The 2017 Mr. Clean is the first time Proctor & Gamble has paid for a Super Bowl ad. He made his first TV appearance in 1958, but it looks like his signature white clothing has gotten a little tighter since then.

The new Mr. Clean even has a Twitter account featuring goofy messages like: “Hit the gym pretty hard to get in shape for my Super Bowl ad!”

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Fox Business anchor Liz Claman said the ad is "a modern take on how couples clean." 

As the commercial plays on fantasy, reality suddenly checks in and Mr. Clean morphs into a shabby husband by the end of it.

But it doesn't stop his wife from jumping on him in a fit of passion.

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