Duck Sneaks Into Tiger's Den, Leads Him on Dangerous Game of Cat and Mouse

Jalur, a male Sumatran tiger, could be seen diving after the duck before eventually giving up, and shaking himself dry.

This mallard turned out to be one lucky duck after sneaking into a tiger’s den, and leading the jungle cat on a wild goose chase.

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The wild duck that found itself at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia could be seen going into the tiger’s enclosure and making itself comfortable in its pool.

Jalur, a 278-pound male Sumatran tiger, doesn’t look pleased by the visitor.

In footage posted to the zoo’s Facebook page, Jalur could be seen swimming and diving after the duck, which splashes along, unfazed. The duck even makes deep dives, and emerges at the other end of the pond when the predator comes too close.

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After a valiant battle, the tiger gives up, and shakes himself dry before walking away from the pond. The duck, who was unofficially declared the winner, continues splashing around in the tiger's enclosure.

“This duck would have to be the bravest duck that ever lived,” Symbio Wildlife Park wrote.  

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