Good Samaritan Uses His Cane to Stop Bus Driver's Attacker - See the Video

Security footage caught the good deed, which allowed the driver to escape unharmed.

Footage taken from inside a Missouri bus shows the moment a good Samaritan used his cane to stop what cops say was an assault on a driver this weekend.

In the video from Kansas City, a male rider approached the front of the bus and said something vulgar to the driver, according to the Kansas City Area Transit Authority.

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The alleged assailant then touched her, authorities say. Seeing this, the good Samaritan jumped into action.

Rodney Goldman got out of his seat and started beating the alleged attacker with his cane. An official with the KCATA said he hit the alleged attacker about five times.

While that happened, the driver was able to slip away to safety before cops showed up to cuff the suspect moments later.

KCATA released the footage in a bid to find Goldman, who evidently didn't stick around for the arrest. 

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"We’re trying to figure out who helped," chief public affairs officer for the KCATA, Cindy Baker, told the Kansas City Star before he was identified. "We think the driver really could’ve been hurt if he had not intervened."

Officials were able to track him down. In addition to thanking him for helping the driver, they gave him two new canes after his was broken during the scuffle. They also rewarded him with a Lifetime Bus Pass for RideKC.

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