Ex-Caregiver Who Lived in Family's Home After Patient's Death Finally Moves Out After a Year

Cheryl Sherrell worked as a live-in caregiver for Alan Breslauer until his death, but she wouldn't move out.

Moving day has finally arrived for an alleged squatter accused of taking over an elderly woman’s home for a year and filling it with trash.

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Cheryl Sherrell, 71, moved into the San Diego, California, house a year ago to take care of the elderly homeowners, Alan and Fran Breslauer.

When Alan died at age 92 last January, she was reportedly asked to leave but allegedly refused to go and the 90-year-old widow moved out, leaving Sherrell in the home.

The once immaculate home was filled with trashed, according to the elderly couple's daughter, Jan.

“It's like having the city dump dumped in your mother’s home,” she told Inside Edition. “It is mind-blowing.”

Sherrell is a notorious hoarder. In 2010, she was featured on the TLC show Hoarders: Buried Alive.

It took an entire year of legal wrangling for the Breslauer family to win back their home of six decades.

Inside Edition was there as the accused hoarder finally moved out all her stuff Friday.

“Today is the day we are finally getting the property back although as you can see, it’s a total disaster. It's a disaster and fairly disgusting," Jan said. "I see old lamps, paperback books; I see TV sets, vacuums, ski poles, liquor bottles. I can't even begin to catalogue the amount of trash that has been brought into this house."

Sherrell rented a big truck and recruited a bunch of friends to get her stuff out as two police officers arrived to keep the peace.

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All day long, they carried out furniture and boxes but even she didn't want some of the stuff.

As most of the things were cleaned out, some of the junk is still in the home.

“It’s a cautionary tale," Jan said. "You have to be extremely careful who you let into your home."

Earlier this month, Sherrell agreed to move out of the home as part of a settlement in a civil lawsuit. As part of the settlement, Sherrell did not admit to any wrongdoing. Her lawyer says Sherrell was a legal tenant, not a squatter.

In October, Sherrell was arrested and charged with theft, theft against an elder, elder abuse and criminal trespass. She pleaded not guilty to all the charges and her trial is scheduled for on February 21. 

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