Rescue Goat Invades Personal Space of Competitive Horse BFF by Lounging on His Back

The unlikely duo even has an Instagram account, demonstrating the extent of their friendship.

Meet Coaster and Buttercup, the horse and goat pair that proves real friendship knows no boundaries — even when it means lounging on the other's back.

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When Coaster, a 13-year-old competitive Anglo Hanoverian Gelding, moved to riding school Legacy Hunters and Jumpers in Washington state, he had some issues adjusting to the new environment, according to Caters News.

"Before Buttercup, Coaster was very neurotic and unhappy, especially when he was alone in his stall," a spokeswoman from the riding school told

To ease the horse’s anxiety, the barn rescued Buttercup the goat from being sold as meat, hoping she would keep the horse company.

"It took awhile for them to get used to each other," she admitted, adding they did not get along for the first several encounters. 

But eventually, the horse and goat pair grew closer and closer, and soon became inseparable.

From feeding time to far away competitions, Buttercup goes where Coaster goes. "They come as a package deal, so they share a stall at shows, and Buttercup stands right under Coaster on the trailer so it's no extra cost to bring her along," she said.

When they're at home, the spokeswoman explained they live together in a special stall, where Buttercup can often be seen making herself comfortable on Coaster's back.

"We joke that they behave like an old married couple, you can tell they have arguments but they make each other so happy and have such a strong bond," the spokeswoman said.

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The pair even has an Instagram account, demonstrating the extent of their friendship.

"They make each other so happy, and have such a strong bond," she said.

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