Homeslice, an Injured Green Sea Turtle, Receives Check-Up in MRI Machine for Humans

Health First, a Florida healthcare provider, explained their 3D MRI technology had previously only been used by humans.

Looks like humans and sea turtles aren’t so different after all.

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When veterinarians couldn’t find an animal MRI machine big enough for Homeslice, an injured green sea turtle, they resorted to giving her a check-up in an MRI machine made for people, thanks to local healthcare network Health First Medical Group.

“For the first time ever, an injured sea turtle the Brevard Zoo is caring for received an MRI at Health First,” the organization wrote, adding that the technology had previously only been used by humans.

Homeslice was severely injured after being caught in a boat propeller last summer.

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Her recovery has been monitored closely by veterinarians at the Brevard Zoo in Florida in the last few months, and the need to conduct an MRI scan on the turtle’s spinal cord arrived when experts began discussing Homeslice’s release back into the wild.

Zoo officials have not yet shared the results of the MRI.

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