Mom Pranks Her Daughter Into Thinking It's Time for School After She Wakes From Evening Nap

She said she just went with it.

This Georgia mom played a hilarious prank on her 9-year-old, tricking the girl into believing it was time for school after she woke up from an evening nap. 

Lindsey Chastain even drove her daughter, Lexi Cramer, to her elementary school in Thomaston at 6 o’clock at night under the guise that it was just another school day.

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“She thought it was morning time because normally it’s dark out when she wakes up," Chastain told "She started putting on her outfit for the next day. I just played along with it from there." 

In the viral video that now has more than 9 million views, Lexi can be seen brushing her teeth and asking her mom to brush her hair.

Once Lexi saw no one was at school she wasn’t sure what was happening.

The jig was up.

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“We got to the school and she said, ‘where is everybody?’

Chastain then finally broke the news to her. “It’s night time,” she said in the video, which was filmed in December.

“She didn’t believe me at first. She was shocked,” Chastain said.

Check out more videos on their YouTube page.

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