Billy Ray Cyrus Calls Off His Divorce

Billy Ray Cyrus says he’s dropped the divorce proceedings and is working to put his family back together. INSIDE EDITION has the latest details.

Miley Cyrus's parents are trying to work things out. Her dad Billy Ray Cyrus appeared on The View and revealed he's no longer splitting from Tish, his wife of 17 years.  

"Things are really the best they've ever been. A lot of people think I'm divorced. I dropped the divorce because I want to put my family back together," said Cyrus.

He says he's also mending his relationship with his daughter.
"I feel like I got my Miley back. We are the daddy and daughter we were before Hannah Montana happened," said Cyrus.

The View appearance came after he ignited controversy when he was quoted in GQ magazine saying that Hannah Montana "destroyed my family."

But on the The View he said, "To set the record straight, I love Hannah Montana. It didn't tear my family. Now fame, fame is a different animal. Fame, you gotta be careful with fame," said Cyrus.