Marriage Counselor Admits Her Own Marriage Was Broken

INSIDE EDITION talks to the marriage counselor who lied on Oprah about her own marriage, which she now admits was a failure.

Sharyn Wolf is a nationally-known marriage counselor and expert on how to keep a happy marriage.

As a relationship expert, Wolf has appeared on Oprah eight times, and written five bestselling books, including, How to Say Lovers for Life.

But now she says her marriage was a failure.

In her new book, Love Shrinks, Wolf writes that she and her husband didn't sleep in the same bed, only had sex three times in 15 years and rarely shared a meal.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney sat down with Wolf.

"You lied to Oprah!" McInerney said.

"I didn't lie to Oprah. I was really lying to myself," said Wolf.

"You do say, and we have some clips of you on TV, that you were in this happy marriage. And your marriage was excellent at the time," McInerney said.

"I thought I was happy, I just didn't know better," Wolf said.

"How can you call yourself a relationship expert, if your own marriage failed?" McInerney asked.

"Well you know, you can be a heart doctor and have heart problems, and be a great heart surgeon. I think I'm a very good marriage counselor, even though I was having problems of my own," Wolf replied.

"You tried all of your own marriage tips, and they didn't work!" McInerney said

"I'm amazed they didn't work, because they're good tips. They don't just come from me, I studied from Plato to the most popular marriage therapists of today. I studied and studied. I collected the best stories," Wolf said.
She says she's struggling with her new image as a marriage counselor who couldn't keep her own marriage together.

"What do you want to say to all the people who've bought your books?" McInerney asked.

"I want to say that the advice in my books is good advice. I hope they will read it, and I hope they will find the advice useful," Wolf answered.