7-Year-Old Finds Bag Full of Cash From Nearby Bank Robbery

His dad immediately called police.

A 7-year-old South Carolina boy was shocked when he opened a garbage can to find a bag of stolen money inside.

Griffin Steele was at the gas station with his dad, Shane, in Myrtle Beach when he found a $20 bill covered in red dye on the floor.

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"Shane thought to himself ‘that looks weird’ so they went in to get a drink for Griffin and he handed the $20 bill to the clerk to check if it was real and she said it was," Shane’s wife, Carole Steele, told InsideEdition.com. "Griffin later went to throw away the plastic wrapper to the top of his drink and found all the cash.”

Steel said the rest of the money was also covered in red dye so her husband called police immediately.

It turns out someone had robbed a local TD Bank in Myrtle Beach just an hour prior, Steele said.

The family said they used the moment to teach Griffin how hard it is to earn money and also how to do the right thing.

“Griffin gets $15 a week if he has a perfect spelling test. We wanted him to understand the seriousness of what happened and teach him as well,” Steele said.

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Police are reportedly still looking for 35-year-old Brian Humphries, Jr., who is a suspect for a robbery at a Conway National Bank January 28 and at TD Bank on January 28.

Steele said Griffin plans to take a cake to the women at the bank who were robbed as well.

“We wanted him to understand that it was a traumatic event for them,” said Steele.

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