Sadie the Scottish Terrier, 2010's Best in Show

A 4-year-old Scottish Terrier named Sadie became the eighth Scottie dog to win the prestigious Best in Show award at the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. INSIDE EDITION has more.

America's newest top dog is Sadie, a sassy Scottish Terrier. She won Best in Show at the 134th Westminster Dog Show in New York, becoming the eighth Scottie in the history of the competition to do so.

INSIDE EDITION was with the adorable Scottie for every step of her big night, with cameras exclusively backstage with her as she was groomed until she was ready to strut her stuff in the spotlight.

Sadie took on stiff competition from a slew of adorable canines who were all perfectly primped, trimmed, and styled. Even a shocking outburst by PETA activists in the middle of the competition couldn't upstage Sadie.

"That's very special, [a dog] like that comes along once in a decade," said Best in Show judge Elliott Weiss.

After her big win the Scottie instantly became the most famous dog in the world, and she was swarmed by a sea of photographers. She was up early the day after her victory, making a visit to INSIDE EDITION's studio for a hard-hitting interview with Paul Boyd.

The 4-year-old champion's favorite food is chicken. She loves to watch TV, especially Animal Planet, and she knows the phrase hot dog in five languages.

Sadie competed for Best in Show in 2009, but lost after she had a little accident in the show ring. But in 2010, Sadie was triumphant.