Why Did Fergie Look So Different on American Idol?

American Idol viewers barely recognized Fergie when the Black Eyed Peas performed on Thursday night's show. Now everyone is asking, what did Fergie do to her face? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Did Fergie get an extreme makeover? The sassy singer debuted a dramatic new look on American Idol Thursday night when she took the stage with the Black Eyed Peas.

Some viewers didn't even recognize her!

"Is that Fergie?" one viewer tweeted. "She looks totally different!"

The usually edgy star went old Hollywood bombshell with a flowy white halter dress that was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe. Her shorter hair and bright pink lips completed the transformation.   

But is it just a makeover, or something more?

"What happened to Fergie's face?" blares one headline.

"Fergie had a nose job!" a blogger writes.

INSIDE EDITION asked plastic surgeon Dr. Sharon Geise for her opinion about Fergie's new look.

"The lower eyelids, I think she's had some plumping underneath there so she has no dark circle on her eye and it blends beautifully to her cheek, which she's now showing a nice apple of the cheek, so I think she probably had just a little bit of plumping there," says Dr. Geise. "I don't believe she's touched her nose. She's a very, very busy woman and I don't think she had time to get her nose done and I think that could also affect her singing."