Smart-Dressed Thief Attacks Jewelry Store Worker Before Emptying the Safe

Police hope releasing the video will help them identify and catch the thieves.

Startling surveillance footage shows the moment a smart-dressed thief violently pinned down a jewelry store worker before he and an accomplice allegedly emptied the safe.

On Wednesday, police in Italy said they've identified one of the two alleged robbers in the September incident, thanks to a fingerprint at the scene.

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But authorities have not yet caught him. He and the other man — both thought to be Serbian citizens aged 29 and 30 — remain at large.

The duo allegedly robbed the Eleuteri jewelry store in Milan September 21, but police only released footage of the incident Wednesday.

It shows one of the men entering the store and pretending to be a tourist, according to police. He asks the assistant to show him some jewelry and as she goes into the back of the store to open a safe, he knocks her to the ground, the footage shows.

After tying her up on the ground, his accomplice enters the store, according to the footage. The men then apparently emptied the safe and left, leaving the woman on the ground.

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They took off on bicycles, police said.

The robbery came days after a third man entered the store to allegedly check it out. That suspect was taken into custody in October and was charged with assisting the other two men, police said.

Authorities say they hope releasing the footage will help them capture the remaining two suspects.

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