Car Launches Off Highway but Driver Miraculously Walks Away: 'He Should Say A Prayer'

A driver flew some 25 feet in the air into a Pittsburgh parking lot as surveillance cameras rolled.

Dramatic footage shows the moment a car flew off a Pennsylvania highway, hit an embankment and launched 30 feet into the air before crashing into a parking lot.

In the intense video taken Monday at a Pittsburgh auto repair shop, a red Kia comes flying into the lot as part of a shower of debris.

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Miraculously, the driver is soon seen walking away from the pancaked car.

"People aren’t usually as lucky as this kid," a manager at Snyder Brothers Automotive Repair told "He should definitely say a prayer."

Indeed, the footage initially does not paint a hopeful picture for the driver, who the auto shop manager believes was in his 20s.

"He was probably in the air 25 feet, 25 or 30 feet up," the manager said. As anyone could imagine, "he was shaken up," said the manager.

The driver's father later stopped by the shop and said his son was fine, other than a couple of bruised knees.

The folks at Snyder Brothers were lucky, as well. The manager believes the vehicle would have crashed straight into the garage—and perhaps collided with employees—if it hadn't spun around and hit the building on its broad side.

"We’re lucky we didn’t have damage to the building," he said. "And one of our guys was pretty close."

Astonishingly, this isn't the first time a driver has missed the sharp exit on I-376 and flown into the auto shop lot.

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In fact, the manager told that eight cars have done the very same thing over the years. In the worst of the accidents, drivers were pulled out with broken bones.

Snyder has asked the department of transportation to do something about the dangerous exit in the past, the manager said.

With all the attention this video has gotten, he said, officials are taking heed this time.

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