Disney Temporarily Closes Parks in Japan

Disney has announced they are temporarily shutting down their parks in Japan due to last week's devastating earthquake. INSIDE EDITION has more.

New video shows the terrifying moments at Tokyo Disneyland when the massive earthquake hit the heart of Tokyo.

The huge Tower of Terror ride was actually swaying from side to side. Tourists in the crowded theme park crouched on the ground to keep from falling over.

Moments later, the tower swayed again and park officials made asked people to move to safe open areas.

"It got more intense and more intense, we were like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa!' " says Disney performer J. Karen Thomas, who was there that day.

Thomas headed home to Los Angeles after Disney announced the closing of its Japanese theme parks for what may be several weeks.

Tourists continued try to enjoy the Magic Kingdom after the quake struck, but chaos erupted when an aftershock hit. Loudspeaker poles were swaying from side to side and the water show had to be abandoned.

People who lost their homes in the quake actually poured into the theme park and camped out in restaurants and gift shops.  

Meanwhile, the first radioactive fallout from the crippled nuclear power plant in Japan has reached California. Radiations levels are being monitored every hour. So far readings indicate radiation is far below a level where people could be in danger.  

In Japan, firefighters are trying to cool the damaged nuclear reactors with water cannon.  

But getting close enough to cool the nuclear reactors exposes them to radiation. A new video shows the firefighters, all volunteers, saying goodbye, knowing they could be sacrificing their lives.  

And terrifying new dashcam footage of the tsunami has been released. The dashcam video shows the tsunami hitting a car from the point of view of the driver. The vehicle was quickly overwhelmed by the flood of water.