Flying Stunt Couple Survives Plane Crash

A husband and wife flying stunt team were badly injured when their plane crashed during an air show in Texas. INSIDE EDITION talks to the husband who isn't turning his back on flying.

A spectacular stunt at an air show went horribly wrong.

Riding on the wing of a plane was beautiful wingwalker, Amanda Franklin. Piloting the plane was her husband, Kyle.

As Kyle pulled out of a steep dive, his engine stalled. Suddenly there was a flash of flame. Amanda struggled to get out of her harness and climbed into the front cockpit. Moments later the plane crashed.

Amanda was badly burned in the crash at the air show in Brownsville, Texas. Kyle was also severely injured.

Kyle told INSIDE EDITION that he struggled desperately to bring the plane down safely.

Kyle said, "I had a hold of her, and I knew I was being burned, but I was trying to get her out. As soon as the engine quit, I assessed everything in the cockpit and knew we were too low and too slow to be able to do anything."

Incredibly, both Kyle and Amanda's fathers were stunt pilots and they were killed when their planes collided at an air show six years ago.

Kyle and Amanda were married just three months later. They have continued to perform their death-defying stunts across America, with Amanda riding the wings of their 70-year-old biplane.

Now, tragedy has struck the Franklin's flying circus once again.

"I definitely see us both back in the air. Flying is what we do, it's what we love," said Kyle.