Hunters Discover and Save Unconscious Children Poisoned by Carbon Monoxide

Wendell Winchester, 58, was hunting with friends in Youngstown on Tuesday when a member of his party who had run ahead called for help.

A group of quick-thinking good Samaritans helped rescue children apparently suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning after their truck got stuck in a mud hole near a Florida swimming basin, working to revive the unconscious tots until help arrived.

Wendell Winchester, 58, was hunting with friends in Youngstown Tuesday when a member of his party who had run ahead called for help, he told

“He had noticed a vehicle in a mud hole and there was a gentleman throwing kids out on the road,” Winchester said.

Winchester and the other men ran to the spot, where he said they found a group of children lying unconscious on the ground.

“There were three kids on the ground and they were not breathing,” he said. “Their eyes were rolled in their head; their faces were blue.”

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Nearby, a blue Dodge Durango the unidentified children — six in total — and two women had been traveling in was partially submerged in the mud. The vehicle’s tailpipe was also covered.

“It was carbon monoxide poisoning,” Winchester said, noting he had previously been certified to perform CPR and recognized the signs.

“We just started CPR and kept working on them until they started breathing again,” he said.

"It's hard to explain," Foster Nelson, another man who helped revive the children, told WECP-TV. "When you come up on something like that and there's kids laying around you're gonna do whatever you gotta do no matter what it takes and that's all any of us done."

The group worked on the children for several minutes until paramedics arrived on the scene, at which point the bystanders helped calm the shaken up little ones, he continued.

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“I have four children, and they have kids, so I have five grandbabies, and I treated them just as I would my kids,” Winchester said.

The children were reportedly left in good health, but Winchester said it’s hard to think about what could have happened.

“We just did what we had to... you can’t let your emotions really get in the way," he said. "[After] you let your emotions hit. I had a lump in my throat. Because they’re kids — they didn’t ask for that. I’m just glad they’re all right."

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