Simone Biles Teaches Her Famous Shimmy to the New England Patriots Cheerleaders

Thanks to Inside Edition's special Super Bowl correspondent, the New England Patriots' cheerleading squad has a new move.

The New England Patriots cheerleaders are prepping for the big game and may be taking a move from Simone Biles' playbook.

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The Olympic champion and Inside Edition’s special Super Bowl correspondent spent the day with the Pats cheerleaders as they practiced their routines for the big game.

Biles showed the ladies how to do her famous shimmy from her Olympic performance that helped her win four gold medals in Rio last summer.

For Biles, it was a dream come true.

“I don't tell people this but I really want to be an NFL cheerleader," she admitted.

Biles also got an inside look at how NFL footballs are made for the Super Bowl.

First, the ball is sewed inside out and then turned right side out before it's stitched.

Each team gets 108 footballs and they get to pick their favorite 54, which are brought onto the field for the Super Bowl.

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While the players are getting ready for game day their wives were busy hosting a charity fashion show.

"Our mission is to give back to our communities and in every Super Bowl city we want to give back to that community," Ashley North, who is engaged to Atlanta Falcons safety Dashon Goldson, told Inside Edition.

"So, our mission is to give a donation from this event."

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