Suspect Arrested in the Rape and Murder of Queens Jogger: 'The Demon Must Get His Justice'

After six months, DNA evidence has led to an arrest in the high-profile case.

Police have arrested the alleged killer of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano, who was raped and strangled while out for a run in August.

Chanel Lewis, 20, of East New York, was taken into custody for questioning Saturday after police said that DNA evidence found on Vetrano’s body linked Lewis to the crime scene.

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"Karina helped us identify this person," chief of detectives, Robert K. Boyce, said at a press conference Sunday. "She had the DNA under her nails, she had touch DNA on her back and there was more DNA on the cell phone. That’s how we were able to bring the profile up and that’s how we made the link.”

Police also said that Lewis made "detailed, incriminating statements and admission" during questioning.

According to police, investigators were able to create a suspect profile based on a 911 call that placed Lewis in the Howard beach area months before the murder.

Lewis also reportedly has multiple summonses from the Howard Beach area, particularly on the bicycle path that leads to the entrance to the park from the East New York side.

Lewis is expected to be arraigned on murder and sexual assault charges.

Vetrano, 30, was found dead in a marshy area of Spring Creek Park by police and her father after being raped and strangled on August 2 while out on a solo run.

Her father repeatedly tried to call her cell phone while she was out and after two hours grew worried and called police.

Hours later, they found her body.

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Vetrano’s parents, Phillip and Cathy, said they were relieved at the identification.

“The demon must get his justice,” Cathy reportedly told the New York Daily News. “We will see to it.”

“I’m not going to say it is a good day but we can move forward now,” he said. “We know who did this,” Phillip added.

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