More Revelations of Violence in Past of Professor Accused of Murdering Colleagues

Every day there are new revelations of violent incidents in Amy Bishop's past. Bishop is the University of Alabama professor who is accused of gunning down six of her colleagues, three of whom died. INSIDE EDITION reports.

"She looked angry when I first saw her, somebody who just was mad at you and was going to shoot you," said Professor Debra Moriarty of accused murderer Amy Bishop.

Bishop is accused of gunning down six of her colleagues at the University of Alabama, killing three. Moriarty is a survivor of the massacre. She says she would have been killed too, but the madwoman's gun jammed.

"That's not being a hero, that's just God looking out for you," said Moriarty.

Bishop allegedly opened fire, execution style, during a faculty meeting and Moriarty tried to stop her.

"You're crawling under a table, you see the legs of a person who is shooting above the table. I grabbed [Bishop's] leg, and she sidestepped me," she said.

Moriarty says she pleaded for her life as Bishop stood over her ready to fire. "I started yelling at her: 'Amy, Amy think about my grandson, think about my daughter. This is me. I've helped you before. I'll help you again. Don't do this Amy, don't do this!' "

She says Bishop coldly ignored her desperate pleas, but then a miracle happened: "She stepped out into the hall, and pointed the gun at me and pulled the trigger and it clicked, and it clicked again."

Moriarty says she managed to get back into the meeting room, and the other professors barricaded the door. Bishop was arrested minutes later.

And more of Amy Bishop's violent past is coming to light: in 2002 she assaulted a woman in a pancake house during a dispute over a child's booster seat.  

The victim said: "She was completely crazy, erratic, and screaming, and swearing. She just came towards me and hit me in the side of the head. It was a closed fist."

Bishop was placed on probation.