Woman Finds Her Biological Dad Through Ancestry.com... And He Didn't Even Know He Had a Daughter

She submitted her DNA and was shocked at the results.

A California woman wasn’t expecting to find the biological dad she’d never met when she submitted her DNA to Ancestry.com.

Not only did Candice Laccetti find her father on the site in August, she also found out that he lived just 40 minutes away from her.

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"This past summer, my mom was telling me about how she had done ancestry DNA and my grandmother had done it and they built this whole tree," Laccetti told InsideEdition.com. "I thought wait a second maybe I can put my DNA on there? Maybe something will pop up."

Laccetti, 34, found out that the man who raised her wasn’t her biological father when she was 10 years old and during a rebellious phase in her teen years, she set out to find her birth dad, but she only had his first name, Curtis, to work with. 

So when she sent her DNA to Ancestry.com 24 years later, the results left her speechless.

“I submitted my DNA and six weeks later I got the notification that 'Curtis95220 is your father.' I was so shocked, completely surprised,” Laccetti said.

Curtis apparently never knew that that Laccetti existed, having only a brief fling with her mother.

Laccetti then took to Facebook, found her biological father’s wife and reached out.

“He finally sent me a message and said ‘can I call you?’ I said ‘absolutely.’ He called me and we talked for maybe 20 minutes and we met a week later,” Laccetti said. “It was very nerve-racking. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know if I can be myself ‘cause I can be quite sarcastic and I like to joke around a lot. I got a little bit of a dry sense of humor and as it turns out so does he. So, it worked out perfect.”

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Laccetti also found out she had seven more siblings through her dad, including a sister named Candice.

“He lives forty minutes away from me. In fact, his daughter, my sister, went to high school with my husband,” said Laccetti. “It could’ve gone so many ways and it’s been nothing but open arms and loving people.

"It’s been amazing. I feel welcomed and loved.”

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