Rolls-Royce Will Carry Royal Couple to Wedding

Prince William and Kate Middleton are reportedly going to arrive at the royal wedding in the same Rolls-Royce that protected Prince Charles and Camilla when an angry mob attacked them last December. INSIDE EDITION reports from Buckingham Palace.

You might not believe the vehicle Kate Middleton will be taking on her last ride as a single woman.  It's that same vintage Rolls-Royce that carried a terrified Prince Charles and Camilla as students who were enraged over tuition hikes attacked and splashed it with white paint last December.

No one will ever forget the look on their faces as those students swarmed the Rolls, but it did keep them safe, and that's the important thing.

At Buckingham Palace, INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was interviewing royal security expert Dai Davies about the upcoming royal wedding when suddenly, Davies spotted something extraordinary.

"This is a special escort group. Prince Charles is probably coming out now. This is Prince Charles in his new armored car," said Davies.

It was the Prince all right, riding in a bullet-proof Jaguar between two other cars driven by his security force.

Times have changed, but not completely. After they exchange vows, Prince William and his bride will take their first ride together in the same horse-drawn carriage that carried Prince Charles and Diana moments after they became man and wife.