Victoria Jackson Comments About Gay Kiss On Glee

INSIDE EDITION talks to SNL alum Victoria Jackson about her controversial comments on the hit TV show Glee.

Victoria Jackson comes out swinging in the controversy over that gay kiss on Glee.

"Somebody's got to take a stand. I'm tired of all the shows that come out of Hollywood glorifying homosexuality and never showing the other side," Jackson told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

Jackson was a star on Saturday Night Live in the late eighties, often playing ditzy characters.

Now an outspoken conservative, she got upset over a scene in Glee.

In her regular column on a conservative website, Jackson wrote, 'Did you see "Glee?" Sickening!' And later wrote, 'I don't care what is politically correct. Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an alternate lifestyle! There, I said it! Ridiculous!'

One blogger responded to Jackson's comment: "Lady, you need a loser tattoo on your forehead.'"

Another wrote, "She looked very foolish. I am embarrassed for her."

Jackson said she was initially a big fan of the show and said "I got sucked in because I love the characters in the show and I saw the gay character struggling with it. I totally got his struggle because we all struggle with things."

But as a Bible-carrying Christian, she thought the gay kiss went too far and said some things should not be seen on television.

She says she's braced for more fallout over her comments and said, "My gay friends will be going, 'Victoria, what have you done?' "

"Do you regret what you wrote?" asked McInerney.

"No, I don't regret what I wrote. A lot of people agree with me. Maybe I'm the spokesperson for the silent majority," Jackson said.