Man Arrested After Woman Found Chained Up in Shed: Cops

Gary Alen McNair, 52, was arrested and charged with second degree kidnapping.

A call to police in North Carolina about a noise coming from a shed quickly became a case of suspected kidnapping after cops say a woman was found chained up inside.

According to reports in Hoke County, deputies were called to the area outside Fayetteville Tuesday.

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Authorities say they looked inside the shed and found a woman who was restrained with rope and a chain.

The woman reportedly told deputies she'd been tied up against her will and put inside the shed about an hour or so before. The woman suffered bruises on her wrists and arms.

Nearby resident Gary Alen McNair, 52, was subsequently arrested.

WTVD reports that it was actually McNair's mother — who lives next door — who called the police after hearing noises.

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Mr. McNair has been charged with second-degree kidnapping.

The suspect is being held without bond. He is due in court Wednesday.

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