80-Year-Old DJ 'Don Disco' Is Still Spinning After 50 Years: 'I Still Have a Strong Fan Base'

He began DJ-ing in 1977.

The beat goes on for this 80-year-old DJ, who's still spinning turn tables and isn’t ready to stop.

Don Barker, who’s known as "Don Disco," has been DJ-ing in the U.K. since 1977 and it's his deep love of the music that's keeping him from hanging it up.

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Although he’s recently been fitted for hearing aids, Barker still plays his Thursday night gig at Agaton Social Club in England.

“I was going to finish earlier this year but they asked me to stay," Barker said. "I don't charge much — I just do it for the love of it."

"I used to have around 70 people that would come and see me, but lots have died and then their friends don't come anymore. But I still have a strong fan base of at least 30."

Barker spins what he likes to call “the golden oldies” and even plays requests.

"I love my music," he said. "I can't dance though; I'm useless at dancing. But I make other people get up and jig about."

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Barker, who began his music career in two popular holiday clubs at Whitsand Bay and in Looe, said that even if he was to give up his DJ-ing in the near future, he could never escape his fans.

"I have a motor home and everywhere I go they ask me to play, so I can't ever get away."

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