Meghan Markle's Brother Apologizing to Sister and Royal Family After His Gun Arrest

Tom Markle Jr. added that Prince Harry is lucky to have his sister.

While her romance with Prince Harry blooms, a family crisis hangs over Meghan Markle after her brother was arrested for allegedly putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head.

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Tom Markle, Jr. spoke to Inside Edition about his January arrest.

Markel denied putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head but admitted there was a gun in the house.

“There was a gun there; there was a gun there in the house," he said. "My attorney [said] I can’t really get into it."

The 50-year-old was ordered to stay away from his girlfriend, Darlene, and was charged with brandishing a weapon following the incident in Oregon.

Tom Markle has the same father as the Suits actress but a different mother. When he spoke to Inside Edition, he apologized to his famous sister and the U.K.'s entire royal family.

"I am really sorry if this affected your relationship at all," he said. "I would feel horrible and that would just not be right."

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The proud older brother then addressed the prince directly, praising his sister.

"Prince Harry, you are a really lucky guy to have her," he gushed. "She is 110 percent. She is just one of a kind and you could not ask for a better woman."

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