What is Chris Brown's Mental State?

After Chris Brown's reportedly smashed a window at Good Morning America today in a violent outburst, INSIDE EDITION looks at the mental state of the troubled hip hop star.

Can Chris Brown ever put that terrible assault on Rihanna behind him? Should he even be allowed to?

Those are the questions swirling today after Brown exploded backstage at Good Morning America because Robin Roberts questioned him about the incident.

Psychologist Jeff Gardere told INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander, "Chris needs to work on anger issues still. This may be a continued problem in his life, that really has to be addressed."

Brown was placed on probation and served community service for the 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend.

He's spent the last two years staying out of trouble and rehabilitating his image. But some people won't let him forget the crime.

Home video captured one furious woman who screamed at Brown as he left a store.

And at the BET Awards last year, the stress he's been under clearly took its toll as he wept openly on stage.

So does he deserve a second chance?

Alexander asked Gardere, "When should we let him move on and stop talking about it? Or do you ever stop?"

"Chris Brown, with what he's been through, should always be prepared to deal with people bringing up his past issues with anger, what happened with Rihanna. That was a huge story. That being said, you bring it up, you talk about it, but it doesn't define who that person is all the time. It's not the story of their life," said Gardere.