Cosmetic Surgeon Designs His Wife After She Has 2 Kids: 'She's My Walking Billboard'

"My husband gave me this amazing body," Anna Craft says.

This cosmetic surgeon gave his wife the gift of a desirable body to give her a younger look.

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Anna Craft, 44, is the mother of two boys and her husband, Florida cosmetic surgeon Phillip Craft, gave her the new look.

“My husband gave me this amazing body,” she told Inside Edition.

The Miami-based surgeon gave his wife a new body because she says childbirth did a number on her mid-section.

Dr. Craft gave her a tummy tuck and liposuction to contour her waist. Breast feeding left her lopsided, so he added D-cup breast implants.

He also performed lipo on her inner thighs to give her the thigh gap she wanted.

“It is a little nerve-racking doing surgery on your wife, but she's a magnificent woman," he told Inside Edition. "She wants to age gracefully with a little extra help."

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He also gave her cheek fillers, full body hair removal, Botox, and butt implants.

He proudly proclaimed she is "not only my soul mate, but she's my walking billboard."

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