CBS Newsman Charlie Rose to Undergo Heart Surgery: 'No One Loves Life More Than I Do'

The 75-year-old will undergo surgery Thursday.

CBS This Morning’s Charlie Rose will undergo heart surgery Thursday.

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The announcement came Wednesday morning on the show as his co-host Norah O’Donnell alerted viewers: "We mentioned that Charlie is off and we want to share with you an announcement from Charlie."

"I will undergo surgery which will keep me at the hospital for a few days and then resting for a couple of weeks," Rose wrote in a statement posted on the CBS News website.

I want to share some important personal news with you.

— Charlie Rose (@charlierose) February 8, 2017

He added: "Almost 15 years ago skilled surgeons replaced my aorta valve with a new replacement valve. It has served me well, enabling me to live the vigorous, full, complete life you are all so familiar with. No one loves life more than I do.

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“To continue to live this amazing life so full of challenges and friends, including so many of you in the audience, I have chosen to replace the valve with a new one. The timing is my choice."

In addition to co-hosting CBS This Morning, he is also the executive editor and host of PBS' The Charlie Rose Show and Charlie Rose: The Week.

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