Police Free Driver From Car Flipped by Suspect in Pursuit

Police were chasing a Mercedes they say hit and flipped a car with someone inside.

Los Angeles police may be accustomed to wild chases, but the threat to innocent bystanders was never more real than in a pursuit caught on video Wednesday.

Cops say the wild chase started at about 3:30 p.m. as LAPD officers pursued the suspect in an earlier shooting on the 110 Freeway, CBSLA reports.

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Aerial video taken from the chase shows a white Mercedes weaving in and out of traffic as police cruisers follow as closely as possible while attempting to keep other motorists safe.

Unfortunately, the suspect crashed into multiple vehicles, video shows.

Not only that, but one of the vehicles was hit so violently that it flipped over. 

Video shows police officers banding together to help the motorist stranded in her upended car by pulling her out through a window.

Fire officials said six people were taken to the hospital following the crash, but the most serious injuries were sustained by the woman pulled from her vehicle.

Meanwhile, police soon arrested the suspect, whose vehicle came to a crashing halt after the collisions.

After the suspect put both hands out the driver’s side window, video shows him face down in an intersection as cops cuff him. 

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It was not clear what additional charges the suspect now faces aside from assault with a deadly weapon.

A police officer was reportedly treated after getting glass shards in his eye during the chaos.

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