From Sandwich Bags to a Potato, the Everyday Items That Save Your Car in the Snow

Believe it or not, an onion or potato can actually stop your windows from freezing.

You're already prepared to battle this winter weather — even if you don't know it.

Inside Edition has some helpful hacks to help you keep your car running in the cold, and they all rely on everyday household products.

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Hand sanitizer can get you out of a winter jam when your locks are frozen. If you put a little hand sanitizer in the key lock on the door, it works like salt on the road and does not freeze the keyhole. 

Sandwich bags can be placed on the side mirrors and held with rubber bands. This is to prevent the mirror from freezing. 

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Socks are useful because they can go on the windshield wipers and prevent them from freezing over. 

In addition, an onion or a potato can stop your windows from icing. Just cut them in half and rub them on the window, allowing the enzymes in the inexpensive produce to prevent the glass from icing up.

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