Wife Accused of Killing Husband with Fire Extinguisher Told 911 Operator: 'I Kept Beating Him in the Head'

Laciana Tinsley said she killed her husband in self-defense after he attacker her, according to authorities.

A New Jersey woman charged with killing her husband told a 911 dispatcher she repeatedly hit him with a fire extinguisher because he tried to smother her, according to a tape of the call released by authorities.

“I just kept beating him in the head, because he kept trying to get up and come after me,” Laciana Tinsley, 42, said on the recording provided by Burlington County officials Wednesday.

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Tinsley said she killed her 74-year-old husband, Douglas, in self-defense after he attacked her and tried to smother her with a pillow, authorities said.

“He’s just laying there,” she told an emergency operator during the January 30 call from the couple’s home in Willingboro. “I think I hit him too many times.”

She has been charged with murder and unlawful possession of a weapon. A judge on Tuesday ordered her held without bail pending her trial, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The woman’s public defender, Karen Thek, said Tinsley was a victim of domestic abuse. “Obviously, this is a self-defense case,” the attorney told the paper.

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Her 25-year-old son testified at Tuesday’s detention hearing that his mother was a gentle woman who had left her husband more than once because of abuse.

She moved out last year, but had recently returned, said Karel Rue.

“I guess she went back to try to work it out and clearly that was not a good idea,” the son told NJ.com.

On the 911 tape, Tinsley urges the operator to quickly send help because her husband is bleeding badly.

“In his face,” she said. “Because I kept hitting him in the head, and he kept trying to get back up, and I just had to keep hitting him.”

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