The Show Must Go On: Wallenda Clan Returns to High-Wire Performance, One Day After Accident

The frantic 911 calls have also been released.

Three of the legendary Wallendas performed their high-wire act Thursday night in Florida as five of their loved ones recover from a tragic fall that occurred the day before.

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One of the injured watched from the sidelines on crutches.

Getting back on the high wire was an emotional experience for legendary aerialist Nik Wallenda.

After the show he addressed the audience, saying: “Certainly the roughest day of my life was yesterday afternoon.”

The performance came as authorities released the 911 calls made from inside the big top in Sarasota, when the mishap occurred.

One male caller told the 911 dispatcher: “The high-wire act just fell. We have multiple people on the ground. There are four on the ground that are not moving.”

In the call, the dispatcher asked: “Do you know the extent of any of the injuries?”

The reply was: “It's bad!”

A female caller said: “We are at the big top circus. We just witnessed a high-wire act fall.”

Another male caller frantically told the dispatcher: “We're a circus. We have a high-wire act. They're rehearsing. They just fell from the high wire. I imagine we've got some pretty good injuries so we need ambulance and fire.”

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The 911 operator asked the third caller: “How many people are hurt?”

“Eight were on the wire so eight people at least,” the caller replied.

Nik Wallenda, who has dazzled America with dizzying live high-wire walks over the Grand Canyon and other landmarks, says he believes the accident was triggered when one of the eight daredevils performing the pyramid fainted.

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