Matt Damon Reveals the Moment George Clooney Told Him Amal Was Pregnant: 'Don't Say Anything'

George Clooney's pal Matt Damon talked about the pregnancy on the 'Today' show Friday.

One of George Clooney's friends is dishing about when he was told by the movie megastar that he and his wife were expecting, a moment when the Michael Clayton star probably should have kept his mouth shut.

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Matt Damon, Clooney’s good buddy and Ocean’s 11 co-star, revealed on the Today show Friday that the former Batman confided in him months ago that the couple was expecting.

"I was so happy for him. I said, ''How far along is she?' He said, 'Eight weeks.' I'm like, 'don't say anything' — he didn't know the 12-week rule. You're supposed to wait," Damon said.

Julie Chen broke the Clooney baby news on Thursday’s The Talk.

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