K9 Dog Spontaneously Licks And Nuzzles His Handler During Photo Session

"It's entertaining to watch how much these handlers love their dogs," said Captain William Browne of the DNR Law Enforcement District 2.

A barking dog never bites, but he may lick his K9 handler if he’s asked to sit still in a photo.

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Officer Levi Knach and his K9 partner Kenobi of Indiana’s DNR Law Enforcement District 2 were posing for photos, and the pup couldn’t help but give him a kiss.

Kenobi could be seen in the pictures, posted to Indiana DNR Law District 2's Facebook page, licking his handler on the face, and nudging him with his nose.

"[Knach] sat down and he tried to give Kenobi the 'sit still' commands, and the dog starts licking his face," Captain William Browne told InsideEdition.com.

He explained the photos were taken for the agency’s archives, but he decided to post them to Facebook after noticing the affectionate exchange.

"You should see Knach and Kenobi together – he’s entertaining, the dog’s entertaining, they love each other to pieces, and they’re very affectionate," Capt. Browne said. “It’s entertaining to watch how much these handlers love their dogs.”

Knach, who has been with the department for at least 10 years, became a K9 handler three years ago, when he and Kenobi started working together. Browne said Knach was even able to name the pup.

"He’s a Star Wars guy," he joked.

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Despite Kenobi’s spontaneous interaction caught on camera, Browne guaranteed all 13 K9 officers in their department, who are trained in recovering evidence and man tracking, are serious about their work.

“They’re working dogs when they’re in the vehicle, and they’re lap dogs when they’re not,” he said. “It’s a neat transition to watch."

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