How Hotels Keep Flocks of Fans at Bay After Celebs Die in Their Rooms

Stars like Whitney Houston and Anna Nicole Smith have all died in hotel rooms.

Following the death of famous faces like Whitney Houston and Anna Nicole Smith inside hotel rooms, fans flock to the rooms where their heroes have been discovered dead.

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Five years ago, on the eve of the Grammy’s, came the shocking news that music superstar Whitney Houston was found dead in her hotel suite at The Beverly Hilton.

She was found face down in a water-filled bathtub with drugs nearby.

Following her death, the $500-a-night suite was reportedly taken out of the rotation after the hotel was overwhelmed by requests from guests to stay there.

A YouTube video shows a fan searching for Houston’s room weeks after her death and discovers the number 434 has been removed from the door.

But an Inside Edition producer recently discovered that the number 434 has since returned.

“Out of respect to the family and fans of Whitney, all original contents and furnishings of the guest room where she stayed were removed and the space has been thoroughly refreshed,” The Beverly Hilton said in a statement.

When Anna Nicole Smith died from an accidental prescription drug overdose 10 years ago, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, faced a similar problem and could not keep fans away.

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A so-called ghost hunter posted a video on YouTube as he wandered the hallway looking for the former Playmate of the Year’s spirit.

The room isn't so easy to find inside the hotel since they erased the 607 room number and changed it to 609. The room was also completely remodeled.

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