Woman Can't Watch Movies Without Crying

INSIDE EDITION has the story of Hollie Stech, a pre-school teacher who is unable to watch any movie without sobbing uncontrollably.

Hollie Stech cries uncontrollably, tears stream down her face and she's overtaken by emotion. So what's causing her to cry? And why is the guy sitting beside her laughing?

Hollie's husband Parker is still astonished that she has such a strong reaction to watching movies. And it's not just the tearjerkers; Hollie cries at every movie! Parker remembers their first movie date, to the movie Elf! Even the Christmas-themed Will Farrell comedy brought Hollie to tears.

"I thought it was cute though. That was the thing. I didn't think like, 'Oh my gosh, this girl's nuts,' " Parkers tells INSIDE EDITION.

Hollie, a 22-year-old pre-school teacher from a suburb of Greenville, South Carolina, says almost any movie can bring her to tears. "[I cry] when I see the characters changing from good to bad, or making a hard decision in life," she explains.

Parker started videotaping Hollie's waterworks and uploading them to YouTube. Now, through their website, cryingwife.com, hundreds of thousands of people are watching her cry as she watches all kinds of movies.

When INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent watched a movie with Hollie, her reaction to tearjerker Marley and Me was predictable. Normally she says she won't watch movies that are specifically designed to make you cry: "I will never watch The Notebook. I will never watch P.S., I Love You or The Time Traveler's Wife," she tells INSIDE EDITION.

Hollie's first memory of crying at a movie was when she first saw the classic film, The Wizard of Oz. What was the scene that got her so worked up? It was the moment when Toto was taken away from Dorothy.