Endangered Monkeys Introduce Their Bright Orange Newborn at Chicago Zoo

The little monkey will change colors in about three to six months.

It may be small, but this monkey with an orange complexion won't be hard for visitors to miss at a Chicago zoo.

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The endangered Francois’ langur was born inside the Lincoln Park Zoo on February 6.

According to scientists, Francois’ langurs, also known as the Francois leaf monkeys, are born orange and then turn black with white markings within the first three to six months of their lives.

The orange monkey’s sex has not yet been determined by zoo officials as the animal clings tightly to its mother.

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Francois’ langurs are native to the southern Guangxi province of China, northern Vietnam and west-central Laos. They have become endangered due to habitat degradation and hunting.

According to the zoo’s Facebook page, it is the seventh offspring born to parents Pumpkin and Cartman.

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