Has 'SNL' Gone Too Far? Show Under Fire for 'Fatal Attraction'-Inspired Kellyanne Conway Skit

The show is experiencing their highest ratings in 20 years.

Even as Saturday Night Live enjoys its best ratings in decades, critics have accused the sketch comedy show for going too far with a skit poking fun at Trump’s top aide Kellyanne Conway.

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In the skit, Conway, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, breaks into CNN host Jake Tapper’s New York City apartment. Tapper is played by SNL cast member Beck Bennett.

A knife-wielding and unhinged Conway then threatens Tapper because he won’t book her on his show. McKinnon portrayed Conway as a nod to Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction.

Later, "Conway" falls to her death out a window only to then come back to life.

The skit has been blasted by some on social media.

New York magazine writer Olivia Nuzzi, who covers Trump, tweeted: "SNL just gave a gift to the White House with this sexist, unfunny Kellyanne Conway skit."

"I appreciate the 'not funny' not fair outrage from all political and apolitical corners," Conway herself said in a statement. "Things that aren't true don't bother."

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, who has blasted Conway in the past, also said on Twitter: “Not sure about that Kellyanne skit."

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said the skit was "not right."

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Even Jake Tapper was shocked by it, tweeting: “Um,” following a link to the skit.

Kellyanne Conway is *not* going to be ignored by @jaketapper. #SNL pic.twitter.com/ttdTYjBOUY

— Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnl) February 12, 2017

A New York Times review suggested the show suffers from "a sense of exhaustion," and questioned how much longer it can keep up with all the anti-Trump material.

However long SNL can hold on to the Trump gags, the show is experiencing their highest ratings in 20 years.

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